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Design Your Simple, Prosperous Offering

November 2nd, 2022 
11-12:30 pm ET


Have you heard of the hot new business model trend? I have! You have! We all have! Whatever it is at any given moment: membership sites, online courses, certification trainings, summits... or any of the other myriad of trends which promise guaranteed success with 4-hour workweeks, we've all heard about them. 

If we just lurch at the latest trend hoping it will work for us, we are not taking into consideration the foundational building blocks that we need to examine in order to determine if any business model is the best fit for for us and for our clients. 

This often leads to cycling through many trends, and/or proliferating offerings in our business, in an attempt to make the revenue we need to make. 

Instead of juggling all that and being on the launch/burnout roller coaster, this 90-minute workshop is an opportunity to take yourself through the key aspects of designing your most resonant offering for your business. The one power offer that will be the cornerstone of how you earn and how you serve. 

We will examine: 

  • How to determine what you actually need to earn (do the math in advance to save yourself the headache and heartache later).

  • How to evaluate your natural born strengths so that you aren't swimming upstream in your own business.

  • How to craft an offering that genuinely serves the true needs of your clients.

  • An understanding of the many business models that exist for service-providing businesses today and how to see through some of the "trend-speak" in order to know if any model, or hybrid of models, is the right fit for you.

past workshops. 

August 3rd, 2022

In this 90-minute workshop we think outside the algorithm and re-engage with the myriad of ways you can help clients find your business without having to use social media. Most people find that these marketing strategies not only spare them the social media roller coaster ride, but are also vastly more effective.

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