Tired of DIY? Let us get your brand humming along, and you can focus on what you do best. 

step 1: schedule a fit call.

If you are interested in seeing how we might work together, you can book a 15 minute call with me. This is not a sales call (you are not about to be tricked into a high pressure shake-down), it is what it sounds like: a chance for each of us to see if I can meet what your current need is in your business and if we are a good fit to work together. If you decided you wanted to move forward after the fit call, we would book a Simple Business Incubator.

*If you are not yet familiar with my services, you can read more about them in the next 2 steps below.


Wondering who you'd be talking with? You can read more about me (Hi I'm Brooke!) and my approach on the about page

step 2: start with the incubator.

In order to surface what makes your work exceptional, first you have to get crystal clear. In the incubator all you have to do is show up and talk with me about your business. I’ll do the heavy lifting of interviewing you to elicit what the best opportunities are for you, and to put that into a coherent plan.


*This cost gets applied to any accelerator work moving forward.

step 3: let's make it happen with the accelerator

After the incubator reveals what makes you stand out and what your most effective opportunities are, the accelerator executes the plan. Depending on what you need that might mean designing a captivating and effective website, writing your website copy so that your ideal clients know that they have finally found what they’re looking for, creating your lead magnet and individualized marketing plan, and/or making you a gorgeous visual brand identity (phew!). At this stage you can kick back and know that I am making the magic happen to give you everything you need for your business to be out there peacocking and attracting your favorite types of clients now.

What your accelerator process will deliver depends on what we discover in your incubator. However, here are some typical examples of what we create for clients with pricing:

the liftoff accelerator:

For clients who need the fundamentals. We implement what we discovered you need in the incubator. This might include things like your website messaging and copy, key pieces of your marketing strategy and a simple website.

completed in one week.
*price of the incubator is deducted from this.

the momentum accelerator:

This is the accelerator that most of my clients wind up needing. It's perfect for those who have already been in their business and at least a year (though sometimes as long as decades!) and they are looking for some fresh wind at their backs. It delivers the strategy, marketing and copywriting pieces from the first package with a larger website that is designed to beautifully represent your business and engage your ideal clients. 

completed in two weeks.
*price of the incubator is deducted from this. 

the mammoth accelerator: 

This is for the businesses that want a big quantum leap. Depending on what you need it may include a larger, more complex website, a fully executed launch for a service, a photoshoot, or deep strategy on designing a whole new business offering. It will also include everything you would expect to get in the previous packages as well. 

completed in three weeks.
*price of the incubator is deducted from this. 

let's talk about what might work for you: 

Just getting started?

If you're not quite ready to have us do it all for you, try the DIY course, Simple Prospering. It will teach you how to take yourself through the same process we take our clients through.