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Tired of DIY? I can help.

step 1: schedule a fit call.

If you are interested in seeing how we might work together, you can book a 15 minute call with me. This is not a sales call (you are not about to be tricked into a high pressure shake-down), it is what it sounds like: a chance for each of us to see if I can meet what your current need is in your business and if we are a good fit to work together. If you decided you wanted to move forward after the fit call, we would book a Simple Business Incubator.

*If you are not yet familiar with my services, you can read more about them in the next 2 steps below.


Wondering who you'd be talking with? You can read more about me (Hi I'm Brooke!) and my approach on the about page

step 2: start with the incubator.

In order to surface what makes your work exceptional, first you have to get crystal clear. In the incubator all you have to do is show up and talk with me about your business. I’ll do the heavy lifting of interviewing you to elicit what the best opportunities are for you, and to put that into a coherent plan.


*This cost gets applied to any accelerator work moving forward if you choose to do so.

step 3: let's make it happen with the accelerator

After the incubator reveals what makes you stand out and what your most effective opportunities are, the accelerator executes the plan. Exactly what your accelerator process will deliver depends on what we discover in your incubator. However, I work in an intensive and all-inclusive model. What does that mean!?

this is how Simple keeps it simple: 

  • You (or your organization) are my ONLY client during the implementation phase of our project. I will not be spreading myself thin and attending to multiple different phases of multiple different projects- all energy and attention goes to delivering a beautiful project for you. 


  • Your project will be completed in either one week or three weeks, depending on the size of the project itself. This will be determined in advance via step one, above, The Incubator. By taking the time to really listen and get to know what you stand for and what you need in advance of our implementation time together, we can be really precise about your project’s timeframe and hit the ground running once we get started. This means no “moving target” deadlines, endless rounds of lazily attended to revisions, price hikes, or the creeping sense of doom that maybe your website will never go live! 


  • Your project is all-inclusive, so whether you need a smaller, one-week intensive or a larger, three-week intensive, your project includes: 


Visual brand identity (or brand refresh): Your logo and website design. Any templates you need for social media or for PDF documents or presentations.

Custom website fully executed and made live to your domain name. 

Business cards designed and printed and shipped to your door.

Website copywriting with your close input: Let's make sure you are communicating your brand identity and services in a way that grows your business.

Consultation and implementation on lead magnet creation: (A short, educational download that will live on your homepage and work to grow your list and educate your clients about the benefits of working with you). 

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will not make you crazy or make your website sound robotic.

All of the above are usually delivered piecemeal from various companies or freelancers resulting in excess wind drag, time and scope creep, and cost to you! Not to mention a Frankensteined final project… I pride myself on keeping it simple, yes, but also keeping it amazing. Simple does not mean sub-par. Streamlining projects in this way actually allows me to focus effectively enough to create beautiful, impactful, and useful websites. 

what does this cost? 

the one-week accelerator: 

This is the accelerator that most of my clients wind up wanting. It's perfect for small service-providing businesses who are either run by solopreneurs, or have a small team up to 3 people. Those who are a good fit for the one-week accelerator usually have one main service that they provide to clients. And if you need help sorting that out- that's what the incubator is for!

completed in one week.
*price of the incubator is deducted from this. 

the three-week accelerator: 

You may still be a solopreneur or a super small team, but you have more offerings that you deliver to clients and therefore need a larger website. Or you might be a small organization with a larger team and you need more content created for your website in order for your ideal clients to best understand what your work is about and how you deliver it to clients. 

completed in three weeks.
*price of the incubator is deducted from this. 

but let's not get ahead of ourselves! 

If you want to see if we are a good fit to work together, first we can just have a brief chat on the free fit call. I never approach any conversations with clients or prospective clients as a shake-down sales call. This is just a chance to talk and see if working together makes sense.

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