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What if you knew how to plan and sustain your business so that you were clearly prospering and not just getting by? 

It’s possible. And you can do it without having to become a Magical Being on Instagram, without having to resort to manipulative marketing and sales tactics, and without having to double time it and over-work. 

I feel so relieved, like four years of internal dialogue is quieted. The work wasn’t easy, at times it felt excruciatingly vulnerable to say out loud “I want my business to look like this” but it’s been entirely worth it. The pace felt doable and I was able to integrate the work into my daily life without it feeling like it was one more thing on my already full plate. Brooke was clear and supportive throughout, providing valuable insight and clarity where I needed it. Her work has integrity and I never, not once, felt like I had to use ick marketing techniques to fit into a role that doesn’t suit me.
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So what is it? 

An asynchronous course (go at your own pace) that takes you step-by-step through all the foundational pieces of creating a thriving service-based business. It's perfect for those just getting started, and those starting fresh or looking to figure out what's not working in their current model and get things humming along again. 

Who is the Simple Prospering Course for?

This course if for anyone who runs a very small service-based business. Whether you are a team of one or a team of 5, you're a VSB (very small business)! Some of the types of service-based businesses that have benefitted from the course are therapists, lawyers, landscape designers, naturopathic and allopathic doctors in private practice, financial services providers, movement and fitness educators and more. Basically if you have a skill set that you utilize to deliver a service to your clients, this course is for you. If you create and sell physical products, not so much. It's a different ball game. 

What will I have by the end of the course?

This course takes you through creating your personal and professional financial plan, crafting or tightening up and refining your business model, writing your personalized marketing plan, writing (or re-writing) your web copy to drive revenue, and articulating and putting in place systems that keep you from overwhelm and burnout. 

As a small healing arts business owner, it is so easy when very busy with clients to not focus on the aspects I find less interesting- like budgets, promotion and planning - yet these are all vital to staying physically and fiscally vibrant. I now have a clear path for putting all this wonderful wisdom into practice.
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Here's what we'll cover:

  • ​Tools + Templates galore: Each lesson comes with the implementation worksheets you need to actually put what you're learning into action for your own business. No busy work, just what you need to get things in motion.

  • Your Path to Actual Small Business Stability and Flourishing: Understand and put into place (in the right order) the foundational building blocks every small business needs. 

  • 6 Modules, 6 Core Foci: Over 6 easy-to-implement modules, we’ll tackle 6 core areas of focus that each contribute to running a thriving burnout-proof business.

MODULE 1: Create a business built on your strengths and your client's true needs.

To create a business that will thrive long term, you will need to dive into knowing your strengths, career capital, and what works for you. At the same time, it's important to dive into who you serve by ditching the typical "ideal client" worksheets and instead deeply listening to what your clients' truly want and need from your services.

MODULE 2: Heal chronic insufficiency and know what you need to earn.

We will look at common shadow sides of healing arts businesses; We get clear-eyed about the twin patterns of over-giving and under-receiving. We also sort out what you actually need to earn in your business in order to take good care of yourself (yes we do the math!) If we don’t tie our work to real numbers, we’re just imagining fun business ideas and can have many more false starts than we need.

MODULE 3: Clarify your offering and craft your business model.

Your business model is the system that your business uses to create value and to deliver value. And there are so many different ways to do this! Instead of teaching any One True Way, or narrowly focusing teaching only one small piece, we will discuss the myriad of business model options. In truth, none are inherently better than another, so it is more a matter of choosing and fine-tuning what works best for you, your clients, and what is the best fit for delivering the service you provide.

MODULE 4: Simplify your marketing options and make your plan.

Not only do you not have to do everything, it's often genuinely unhelpful to attempt to do everything! So instead of a "throw-everything-at-the-wall-I'm-sure-something-will-eventually-stick" marketing plan, we will create the humane, effective plan that pairs best with your offering. (Psssst... you do not have to become a social media influencer to successfully market your business. Becoming an influencer is only helpful if your business model is "celebrity" but we are service providers....)

MODULE 5: Write your website copy.

The word "sales" has a yucky stank to it for good reason. However, in reality the "sales" process is just a way that people who have become interested in your work can get their questions answered about if it is the right fit for them. When we approach sales respectfully, we are simply helping people to find out if we are what they are looking for. It also helps us to figure out if they are the right fit for our offering. No arm twisting or limbic capitalism required! Instead, in the incubator we focus on writing good copy for our website and sales page. People often belabor doing this, and it can feel like a big task, but in this module our easy website audit and highly adaptable template for writing your sales page will put the wind at your back.

MODULE 6: Systematize your burnout-proof business and write your launch plan.

Systematizing is sexier than it sounds! Every burnout-proof business relies on good systems. In this module you will understand why guardrails are key and how to set them up, and how to set up the flow of your money in and through your business so that you can get off the roller coaster ride of self-employment. We will also write your launch plan by putting the big day on the calendar together and working backwards from there to understand exactly what tasks need to happen when.

Here's what else you'll get:

Support! As a member of the Simple Prospering Course you can come to monthly group q+a gatherings with Brooke. No matter when you start, no matter where you are in the course material, Zoom in and get your questions answered or brainstorm an idea. 

"Ok ok I'm interested but what does it cost?"

When this course ran in small cohorts with one-on-one coaching it was $2K.

My one-on-one clients who hire me to fully execute their branding and website and to consult on their business strategy pay me between $3K and $12K.

But you won't pay nearly that much for the same education in this DIY format.


The course is currently closed to new students. Join the waitlist to be notified when it re-opens.

Have questions? 

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