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Website design + small business strategy

Just like chocolate and peanut butter, branding and website creation should always go together with business design and marketing strategy.
(and hey if chocolate and peanut butter aren't your thing, berries and whipped cream? Cheese and crackers? Choose your fave.)

what you won't get: 

Untitled design (23).png


I work in an intensive model which keeps my attention focused on only one client at a time, and keeps the timeline for the project crystal clear. This means you won't get ignored or stuck in the weeds with a project that drags on and on endlessly. 


The podcast explores unconventional ways to clarify your work, increase your capacity, and grow your business in alignment with the things that actually matter to you. 

free course

You need a holistic business.


Five short emails that teach the essential, simple, building blocks that any business needs to put in place.


Grow. Do your thing in the world! Leave foggy entrepreneur brain, wind drag and burnout behind. 

Instead of throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks, let this email course show you what actually needs to be considered, and in what order, so that you can just do your thing already.
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